A public Relations program begins with “identifying the many intricate parts of a specified project and then assembling them into a working mechanism guided by a detailed blueprint called the Public Relations Plan.”(saylor.org, 2015). From here assessments are made by coordinators in relation to delegation of jobs, funds and resources.


Source: Google images.

Hashtags have become an essential in the game of internet marketing, hashtags have the ability to create internet sensations overnight. Originally a simple way to organise mass amounts of data, to now being the most prominent way to create conversation between peer groups and the wider community. Hashtags are the vehicle in which major traffic is directed to your site, product or advertisement. They enable users to search certain words or phrases, the results of these searches are any products with the specific hashtag associated. This can also be used to generate traffic from unrelated sources, by cleverly using hashtags related to more popular searches, yet still being relevant to your overarching message.

The ‘@’ symbol serves as the introduction, search tool and the attraction. Due to the fact anything written after the ‘@’ is highlighted in blue. Also the blue highlighted text will link the user to any similar search criteria or other products/ people who have used the same hashtag. Essentially linking any users to the collective information sorted by this category.


xfactor tweet
Source: Twitter


The importance of the hashtag @niallofficial hashtag is that it carries 25.5 million followers, anytime the hashtag is mentioned by Nial what ever he posts reaches 25 million people instantly. The Xfactor used this to their advantage, by using Nials tweets the Xfactor was immediately able to reach and advertise the new season to 25 million people.

Source: Twitter

The importance of the Oscars hashtag is that the word ‘oscars’ had been trending that week so any tweet with the hashtag ‘oscars’ reached a collective following of 185 million people. This is the cheapest, fastest and most effective to advertise such a high profile event.



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