Having insider knowledge shapes the direction of any campaign, this information significantly warps the ethical tone of the Public Relations teams bid on the campaign. Ethical practice is the professional conduct that is expected to be upheld throughout the company. Within this specific context, ethical practice refers to the fairness in which the contest for the bid is held, as well as the grounds on which the decision is made.

Relating to my involvement within the bid, I would withdraw myself from the bid only to remain a part of my team’s campaign anonymously until the campaign had been won. I would make this decision for two reasons this is due to the unnecessary pressure my presence would create on the committee member that I was particularly close with. Such pressure could force them into making crucial errors and knowing a committee member creates a bias which ultimately nullifies the purpose of having a bid if the decision is already predetermined by outside factors.



My second reason for my withdrawal would be the unfair advantage my team would gain by this knowledge as we would be able to play to the committee member’s likes and dislikes. Such information in most cases would be unattainable without knowing the person directly.

Source: YouTube.com

An insiders perspective.

The only way I would continue to run the bid for the campaign is if each member of my team was given an identification number and never had to show their face. To remain ethical and true to the code of practice I would only use information in regard to the formation of our bid that could be obtained from a google search with references to prove that this knowledge was public and could be used by any party at any time.



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