A clear picture in a Public Relations Campaign ensures time, money, resources are saved.

Making the picture and target of the campaign is clear and concise ensures that even the lowest common denominator will also be encapsulated and be able to take something away from the campaign. The clearest pictures keep teams on track whether it be the candidate’s, management teams as well as the individuals that make up the organisation.

A Public Relations campaign should be planned four weeks ahead of time as each PR campaign will typically only run for four weeks; working to this time schedule ensures there is enough time to complete speech editing, writing rebuttal speeches in the unlikely chance of scrutiny. Also during this planning period dates and times are set aside for public appearances to generate local support.

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within this essential time planning stage there are five key elements which need to be established according to the coursera organisation. These are,

Precision in targeting.

Objectives identification.

Established team working environment, with positive, prosperous attitudes.

Creation of well researched campaign material, eliminating scrutiny.

Construction of gantt chart for financial and campaign timeline.

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To reiterate the plan.

After these five steps have been established and identified the campaign administration will finally advocate the POSTAR platform. POSTAR is the positioning, objectives, strategy, tactics, administration and results. These tools ensure that at all points throughout the campaign, there is a way to asses the situation, identify what changes need to be made as well as constantly refreshing the ideologies and  direction of the campaign.



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